2020-2021 TRYOUTS

Tryouts for the 2020-2021 season will be conducted virtually.

Please read all instructions listed below carefully!


For video, please make sure that you are dressed with: 


  • Navy, black or blue colored soffe shorts, running shorts or athletics leggings (no spanx/briefs)​
  • White shirt (can have logo, please keep with school guidelines)
  • Hair in a clean ponytail and bow (if you do not have a bow that is okay)
  • Cheer shoes or sneakers (if you do not have cheer shoes)

Video Submissions

Below are the following steps for submitting your video:

  1. Watch and learn the tryout video in the link below. Practice, practice, practice!

  2. Record yourself in 3 separate videos (cheer, dance, jumps). 

  3. Fill out the form below with your info. At the bottom of the form, attach the 3 recorded videos. 


Tryout Material:





*Start dance at time 0:48 into the song. Refer to full out dance in the tryout material video to see exactly how/when to start.*

Online Form & Video Submission:


Important Dates

  • May 11th - tryout information is posted 

  • May 18th - video submissions must be uploaded by 8:00 PM

  • May 25th - individuals that made the team will be announced via our Instagram feed